Building Ontario Up

Kathleen Wynne speech

A Message From Premier Kathleen Wynne:

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Thank you Ontario for the choice that you made and for this strong mandate. You have put your trust in us to move this province forward and to do that with integrity. We will not take you for granted and we will not let you down.

You voted for jobs, you voted for growth. You voted to build Ontario up. And your government is ready to do exactly that.

We are going to build Ontario up for everyone in this province. We will work together to make our province a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

I have spent my adult life fighting for the public good. Fighting to make life a little bit easier for people. Fighting to make life a little bit better for people. And I am not going to stop that. Not ever.

The hard work starts now. We’ve got to move to implement our plan.

Today I called on the Lieutenant Governor to convene the Legislature on July 2. We will take our plan – the plan that the people of Ontario endorsed – to the Legislature and pass our Budget.

The people of Ontario want us to get on with creating good, well-paying jobs. They want us to get on with building the transit and transportation infrastructure we know we need.

They want us to get on with making sure full-day kindergarten is available to every four and five year old. And to make sure that anyone who wants to go on to university, or college, or a training program can get 30 per cent off their tuition if they qualify.

And they want us to get on with setting up an Ontario Retirement Pension Plan so that people can retire with dignity and security.

With this mandate, I will fight for every person in Ontario. I will fight for them every day to make sure they have access to the opportunity and security that they richly deserve. And I will work every day to earn and keep the confidence of the people of Ontario.

I am so proud to be the first woman to ever have been elected Premier of Ontario. This is a beautiful, inclusive place that we live in. I want us to treasure that every single day. I want our kids to feel that as they grow up in our schools and understand what a gift it is to live in a place like this where anyone can be the Premier.

Thank you for your support.